Humaira Noor

I recently completed MSc in Pharmacology at the University of Oxford as a Prime Minister fellow of Bangladesh and am currently a visiting student at the William James Lab. As an extension of my MSc research project, I am studying the role of inflammation in Parkinson’s disease using iPSC-derived microglia and macrophages. I am working under the supervision of Dr Sally Cowley, to study the activation of STING pathway in immune cells and its contribution to neurodegeneration in the context of Parkinson’s.

My background includes a Bachelor of Pharmacy from North South University, Bangladesh, for which I received Vice Chancellor’s gold medal. For my undergraduate research, I was involved in designing a liposomal drug delivery system from Corchorus olitorius extract using design of experiment. In addition, I have experience as a clinical pharmacist, where I mainly worked with patients with neurological and cardiovascular diseases. It was then when my interest sparked in understanding disease mechanisms, and I decided to pursue a career in research. I hope to continue studying diseases in iPSC-derived systems and be involved in translational research.