GelDoc System

The Gel Doc system in The james & Lillian Martin Centre is A BioRad ChemiDoc XRS+ system with Image Lab v2.0 software. See guide, below, for details of its use.

This instrument has both a uv transilluminator and an XcitaBlue conversion Screen, enabling one to view DNA gels stained with SybrSafe.

The attached Laptop will run the machine through Image Lab software, and this includes an automated procedure for identifying lanes and the size of bands. For your convenience, I have added the BIO Line HyperLadder 1kb to the settings, and it has Biorad markers built in. If your ladder is not already present, it is very easy to create it.

The log-in is the usual password used for all the other communal lab PCs and the laptop is not yet connected to the internet! Please create a folder on the desktop for your images and back them up yourself!! Happy imaging