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I joined the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology as a Wellcome Trust Career Re-Entry Fellow in 2007, engaged in a program of research into the differentiation of human Pluripotent Stem Cell-derived macrophages for disease modelling. Induced Pluripotent Stem cells (iPSC) derived from patients with genetic disease offers a new, hugely exciting opportunity to model human diseases in vitro. iPSC are particularly important for modelling neurological conditions, where patient material is generally unavailable until after death, and for rare genetic disorders, where patient material is severely limiting. To harness this potential, with William James, I set up the James Martin Stem Cell Facility (within the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, University of Oxford, and affiliated to the Oxford Stem Cell Institute), with particular interests in the use of iPSC for modelling disease, and expertise in human iPSC derivation, genetic modification, and differentiation to myeloid and neuronal lineages. With the mounting evidence for a role of microglia in the progression of neurodegenerative diseases, I have focussed my research on using our iPSC models to better understand microglial physiology and pathophysiology. The success of this programme of research has led to establishment of the James and Lillian Martin Centre for Stem Cell Research, which I Head.

Key projects include: 1) Generation of a world-class panel of over 200 iPS cell lines from Parkinson’s patients, as part of a large-scale study within the Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre and the EU IMI consortium StemBANCC, to study the early cellular pathology of PD; 2) Pioneering efficient methodologies for differentiation of macrophages and microglia from human iPS cells; 3) Interrogation of the role of the Parkinson’s-associated genes a-synuclein, LRRK2 and PINK1/Parkin in macrophages and microglia; 4) Investigation of the role of Alzheimer’s-associated genes in iPS-macrophages/microglia, in collaboration with the Alzheimer’s Research UK Oxford Drug Discovery Institute; 5) Collaboration with the Cardiff Dementia Research Institute, to derive iPSC from Alzheimer’s patients with high polygenic risk score to study microglial phenotypes.

After graduating in Natural Sciences from Cambridge, I began my research career working  on host-pathogen interactions in mycobacteria (Ph.D, 1990, Royal College of Surgeons, University of London, and later at AHRI, Ethiopia). My post-doctoral work (New England Deaconess Hospital, Boston, and Institute of Cancer Research, London) centred around signal transduction pathways involved in differentiation: I identified and cloned a novel tyrosine kinase, MATK (expressed predominantly in megakaryocytes and implicated in their differentiation [JBC  1994]); and I was the first to demonstrate that the protein kinase MEK (/MKK) is downstream from the product of the important cancer associated genes Ras and Raf, and is critical for signal transduction pathways leading to differentiation and to tumorigenic transformation [Cell  1994 cited over 1800 times; EMBO J. 1994].

I chose to break from full-time lab-work whilst raising young children, continuing to tutor undergraduates part-time at the University of Oxford and the Open University. I subsequently obtained a Wellcome Trust Career Re-entry fellowship and joined the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology in 2007.

Primary Research Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals


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