CGD iPSc paper to be published in Stem Cells

Our collaborative work on derivation and characterisation of macrophages from induced pluripotent stem cells from patients with Chronic Granulomatous Disease is to be published in Stem Cells. The paper shows that the functional deficit in CGD (failure of oxidative burst capacity due to mutations in phagocyte oxidase subunits) is faithfully reproduced in iPSc-derived macrophages.

Jiang Y *, Cowley SA *, Siler U * , Melguzo D, Tilgner K, Browne C, deWilton A, Pryzborski S, Saretzki G,James WS, Reichenbach J, Seger RA, Lako M and Armstrong L. *  joint first authors. Derivation and functional analysis of patient specific induced pluripotent stem cells as an in vitro model of Chronic Granulomatous Disease. Stem Cells 2012 in press