Bacterial meningitis in malawian adults, adolescents, and children during the era of antiretroviral scale-up and haemophilus influenzae type B vaccination, 2000-2012

Author(s):Wall, E.C. | B.Everett, D. | Mukaka, M. | Bar-Zeev, N. | Feasey, N. | Jahn, A. | Moore, M. | Oosterhout, J.J.V. | Pensalo, P. | Baguimira, K. | Gordon, S.B. | Molyneux, E.M. | Carrol, E.D. | French, N. | Molyneux, M.E. | Heyderman, R.S.
Publication year: 2014
Journal / Book title: Clinical Infectious Diseases

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Source:: cowley, sally a.” 7102482900 “james, william s.” 35479049300 “moore, michael d.