A Highly Efficient Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Microglia Model Displays a Neuronal-Co-culture-Specific Expression Profile and Inflammatory Response

Author(s):Haenseler, W. | Sansom, S.N. | Buchrieser, J. | Newey, S.E. | Moore, C.S. | Nicholls, F.J. | Chintawar, S. | Schnell, C. | Antel, J.P. | Allen, N.D. | Cader, M.Z. | Wade-Martins, R. | James, W.S. | Cowley, S.A.
Publication year: 2017
Journal / Book title: Stem Cell Reports

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Source:: cowley, sally a.” 7102482900 “james, william s.” 35479049300 “moore, michael d.

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